Saturday, February 4

The bigger cryptocurrency market saw increases across the board for all major cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin increasing by 2% to $22,900. Ethereum followed suit, soaring to $1,600, while top altcoins also followed suit. Ripple increased by 8% to $0.43, while Dogecoin increased by 1% to $0.08. Meanwhile, Cardano steadied at $0.37, and Polkadot surged 9 per cent to $6.71.


The market has had enough of these downtrends, and cryptocurrency analysts predict a bull market. The premise is that because there aren’t as many drawbacks as positives, crypto assets will be in a good position in 2023. Big Eyes Coin has an advantage in terms of increasing value because meme currencies are often big gainers in a bull market. Big Eyes Coin is also well positioned to benefit from market opportunities. In preparation for the bull market, it is establishing a strong community and a distinct narrative to aid in the sale of the project.


Big Eyes Coin (BIG) On the Way to the Top

The Big Eyes Coin presale has surpassed numerous milestones during its pre-sale period, and they have just accomplished another one, as they have reached $17.5 million in stage nine of their presale. As the Big Eyes Coin prepares for the release of the Sushi Crew NFT and the launch of the “Supurrr Store,” we can only hope for the best for the meme coin.

The Big Eyes Coin is a brand-new meme coin that you should be aware of. The excitement grows as this meme coin passes more critical milestones. Big Eyes Coin is a full-featured community token created with the express intention of bringing money into the DeFi ecosystem and defending an important component of the larger ecosystem. Community tokens are a substantial source of revenue for nonprofit and community organisations.


The game will change as a result of impending Big Eyes Coin enhancements. BIG intends to donate 5% of all profits to organisations that promote the preservation of marine life. It has committed to fighting for the conservation of our ecosystem, and this is a part of that. This conflict is more widespread than ever right now, and the BIG community strongly supports it.


Avalanche (AVAX) Price Analysis for the Beginning of the Year

Avalanche is a layer one smart contract blockchain that promises to have the fastest time-to-finality and the most validators of any smart contract platform that uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.


The platform can scale up to 4,500 transactions per second and has a transaction time of less than a second. Instead of employing a single blockchain like other tier one platforms, the Avalanche Network is composed of three blockchains, allowing for increased scalability.


Avalanche is one of the smart contract platforms that claim to have addressed the blockchain trilemma’s many conundrums. Furthermore, Avalanche claims to have the fastest finality speeds in the crypto market. Because the platform is well-balanced, big Ethereum Decentralised Finance (DeFi) names such as Aave and Curve have elected to debut on Avalanche during their Avalanche Rush DeFi project.


Price movement during the last 24 hours suggests a strong pricing signal, according to Avalanche price analysis. AVAX rose to $18.19, a gain of more than 4%, before settling at its current price of $17.76. Since January 19, the Avalanche price has risen from $15.68 to break over the $18 resistance level. With the current bullish trend in place, the next price resistance will be $19. However, the price may retest before the bulls push up to that level.


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