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In the past weeks, Uniglo has been one of the most reliable and secure cryptocurrency projects, thanks partly to their Paladin audit. The newest protocol’s most recent audit, conducted by security firm Paladin, found no significant security vulnerabilities. This contrasts with other major exchanges like ChainLink and Polygon, which have been the target of major hacks in the past years.

Paladin Audit

When it comes to security, Paladin is miles ahead of its competition. It employs a highly sophisticated and grade security protocol designed to stand up to even the most sophisticated attacks.

Moreover, Paladin is constantly updated with the latest security technology. This ensures that it is always ahead of the curve and can offer users the highest level of protection possible.

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo is a social currency based on Ethereum that uses the idea of scarcity and is value-backed. To significantly reduce the total quantity of tokens and guarantee that the price of tokens is continuously rising for investors, Uniglo is the first firm to use a unique approach known as Ultra Burn. The Uni Abyss, a burning wallet with an unidentified private key, will get 2% of the money from any GLO transaction via buy and sell taxes. Additionally, Uniglo will sometimes acquire GLO on the open market to indulge in the time-honored tradition of “buy back and burn.”

The second feature these transaction fees will fund is the Uniglo Vault. Its function is to hold a range of assets the treasury has purchased. They provide a high and consistent floor price, and GLO’s value will rise if the vault expands over time. For investors with a long-term perspective, Uniglo is a solid token choice since it allows them to utilize a single investment tool for preserving and growing their money’s value.

The Uniglo team’s KYC compliance increased investor confidence in the protocol’s legality and long-term prospects, which in turn caused the price of GLO tokens to rise by 25%.

This reason alone is enough to understand the potential of the recent audit on the price of Uniglo.

What Are Chainlink (LINK) And Polygon (MATIC) Weaknesses?

Chainlink is a network of nodes that connect smart contracts to the real-world inputs and outputs they need to operate. In principle, this creates a “decentralized oracle network” that protects contracts from the risks of relying on a single, potentially corrupted oracle. However, Chainlink has been compromised in the past. The assault targeted nodes that provided pricing information for other coins. Otherwise, it was a conventional spam assault in which the attacker apparently issued a large number of price requests that resulted in the node operators incurring enormous gas costs for Ethereum.

Polygon is a project that offers a platform for developing scaling solutions and blockchain networks compatible with Ethereum. The initiative is also one of the latest crypto enterprises to be attacked. The hacker stole 801.601 MATIC tokens before the vulnerability was patched. The team shortly verified the vulnerability and immediately upgraded the primary network. However, investors are skeptical about the project’s safety because of a previous incident.

Numerous crypto initiatives fall prey to hacking and fraud. Nevertheless, this is why audit services exist. Constant monitoring by various audits demonstrates the project’s dependability and prevents the possibility of leakage.

As a result, the fact that Paladin audited Uniglo within the first few weeks of the ICO process demonstrates the project’s superior security and increases its credibility.

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