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Shiba Inu token holders have once more surpassed the 1.275 million address mark, according to Etherscan, following a significant drop in the final week of November. Thus, the number starts to climb again toward the 3.1 million nonzero addresses that it reached most recently.

Shiba Inu’s appeal, or rather its current price, can be seen as reviving just by looking at the shift in the number of Shiba Inu token owners. It will be interesting to learn how many SHIB holders are still profiting from the asset in this context, especially given that its price has dropped by more than 75% over the course of the year. Recall that the price of the Shiba Inu token is $0.0000082 per SHIB at the moment.

How many Shiba Inu holders are in profit?

Only 13% of addresses with a “nonzero” SHIB balance are presently in profit, according to IntoTheBlock. There are 166,030 of them, of which 38,200 received SHIB at the token’s launch and the remaining 80,000 bought it at prices lower than the going rate. These addresses have a combined balance of 50.73 trillion SHIB, or just under 10% of the token’s total supply.

In other news, the Shiba Inu burn game has been on the higher side. The SHIB army is trying to burn as many of these meme coins at the beginning of 2023 as they can, and according to the Shibburn tracking service, they have managed to get rid of yet another large lump of Shiba Inu. Between one hundred and two hundred SHIB have now been taken out of circulation for the third day in a row.

Shiba Inu Holders are Inching Towards All-time High as 2023 Begins 3

Shibburn recently tweeted that a total of 182,339,090 meme coins had been sent to dead-end wallets over the course of the previous 24 hours, making it impossible to make purchases or receive any kind of withdrawal.

Only $1,487 worth of SHIB is contained in this amount. Nevertheless, this appears to be a significant accomplishment for the SHIB army considering that during the last three to four months of 2022, sums this large were infrequently burned, and they frequently did so over the course of a week as opposed to a single day.

According to information on the Shibburn website, the two largest portions of Shiba Inu burned over the past 24 hours contained 73,996,550 meme coins (burned 16 hours ago) and 56,434,834 SHIB (removed 14 hours ago).

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