Clearly, decentralized protocols will eventually take over the world’s financial systems. As a result, it makes plenty of sense to identify the projects with the most long-term potential and fill your bags with them. This piece will reveal vital information about next-generation DeFi cryptocurrencies – Polkadot (DOT), Stellar (XLM), and SupertideFi (TIDE).

The presence of cryptocurrencies and blockchain platforms like Polkadot has allowed the coin market to grow exponentially. Why? Because Polkadot does an impressive job like none other in the crypto space. Polkadot is a decentralized protocol whose job is to connect multiple incompatible blockchains. Before now, different types of blockchain couldn’t communicate. However, Polkadot allows data and value to be transferred across them.

DOT is the native token of the Polkadot blockchain, and it’s used to facilitate staking and governance on the platform. DOT can be bought and sold on most of the top crypto exchanges that we have today.

Polkadot is made up of the main network called the relay chain. This main network is connected to multiple parallel chains, which can connect to external networks through a connecting layer or bridge. It’s also worth noting that Polkadot has a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.

Due to its unique infrastructure, Polkadot can process as many as 1,000 transactions per second. Ethereum may be the most popular DeFi cryptocurrency that we have today. However, it’s only a matter of time before DeFi projects like Polkadot begin to catch up to it.

Stellar (XLM) – An Open-Source, Decentralized Network

Stellar (XLM) - An Open-Source, Decentralized Network

Stellar is a cryptocurrency and blockchain network created by the Stellar Development Foundation. Since its inception, it’s been quite obvious that Stellar is a high-potential cryptocurrency. As an open-source, decentralized network, Stellar uses blockchain technology to facilitate the quick transfer of funds at an extremely low cost.

This 2-in-1 package is not designed for a particular type of currency. You could use Stellar to transfer a digital representation of any currency, including the US dollar, Euro, Bitcoin, etc. Due to its effectiveness, users have used this network to process billions of transactions, and its developers have successfully formed strong partnerships with top companies worldwide.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies designed to replace traditional financial systems, Stellar only supports every type of financial system. There are different ways to use stellar. Users can easily transfer their funds to anyone regardless of location through apps and third-party services. It’s also a useful tool for purchasing different types of currencies.

Also, developers can rely on its nature as an open-source tool to copy its code and use it to create their blockchain, wallet, or application. Furthermore, Stellar’s decentralized protocol can also be used for NFT minting and creating smart contracts.

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SupertideFi (TIDE) – A Cross-Chain DeFi Platform

SupertideFi (TIDE) - A Cross-Chain DeFi Platform

Despite its recent introduction to the coin market, SupertideFi has been able to make a name for itself pretty quickly. So, why has this new crypto project stood out? Many users and developers have identified that SupertideFi will greatly add to the DeFi space.

SupertideFi project is designed to support the transfer of cryptocurrencies across many blockchains. Due to its innovative technology, SupertideFi will support swift transfers and increased scalable efficiency. The developers of this token have the vision to bring DeFi to everyone.

Blockchain technology is filled with numerous benefits that can easily be used for stable wealth creation for people worldwide.

This cross-chain platform aims to offer users blockchain technology and an interface that’s easy to use. They also plan to offer lucrative rewards through several pool strategies. What’s more? There will be an allocation of insurance funds in this ecosystem. These insurance funds will be deducted from the transactions on the platform and contributions from the SupertideFi team.

These funds will be a part of the ecosystem and used to mitigate risks or any chance of an event that will occur and threaten the funds of all users. You can join the SupertideFi community by buying it today.

SupertideFi (SPT)
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