Thursday, September 28

New tool mirrors Optimism NFTs to Ethereum mainnet for use in verified apps

Optimism developers jvmi and Kelvin Fichter released a new app called Magic Mirror on Nov. 9 that allows NFT holders to copy or “mirror” their Optimism NFTs to the mainnet. NFT holders can now use their Optimism NFTs in a variety of verified apps, such as in Twitter’s profile badge system — where previously, only NFTs native to Ethereum Layer 1 could be used.

Twitter introduced its NFT badge feature in January, allowing NFT holders to verify ownership of their art. Verified NFTs can be used as a profile pic on Twitter, where they are then denoted with a special, hexagonal shape. Prior to Magic Mirror’s release, holders of NFTs from other networks, like Optimism, Polygon, or , did not have the ability to do this.