Dogecoin (DOGE) is now a top 10 cryptocurrency after starting out at just $0.0003 per token. ‘Small-cap gems’ like DOGE can be hard to uncover, but Metacade’s (MCADE) crypto presale may just be the next big thing.

Metacade: The Best Gem since Dogecoin?

Dogecoin has provided over a 2000x return since it was first launched in December 2013. It’s a great example of the high growth potential for early-stage crypto investments. Unfortunately, most missed out on the insane gains made by DOGE, but there are still plenty of opportunities left in Web3.

Crypto presales are some of the most lucrative investment opportunities available right now. Presales are the earliest fundraising stage for Web3 projects, and they often produce significant returns for long-term holders.

Metacade (MCADE) has just started its crypto presale and already looks to be one of the best investment opportunities of 2023. Metacade has sold over $2.7m MCADE tokens in the first 7 weeks and is steaming through its presale stages as investors take advantage of the low token price. 

Early investors in Metacade can expect massive returns, as the platform is a comprehensive GameFi experience that aims to become a central hub for the Web3 community. Not only is Metacade looking to offer an expanding range of play-to-earn (P2E) games, but also access to some of the most valuable alpha in the space, and extensive earning opportunities beyond its arcade.

Could MCADE reach $1 in 2023?

After the crypto presale, MCADE will launch on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) in its public IDO, which is expected to boost demand for the token and push the price up further. Experts are predicting explosive price action for MCADE, with investors targeting two key price levels. 

The upper target for MCADE is $1, which would be a 50x gain from the end of the crypto presale. This would require MCADE to burst through key levels of resistance at $0.50 and $0.75, but given the hype around the project, $1 is achievable for MCADE. Even if Metacade tokens only hit the lower target of $0.50 in 2023, that is still a 25x increase from it’s launch price of $0.02. 

What is Metacade?

Metacade will become the biggest on-chain arcade, offering a range of casual and competitive gaming experiences across a selection of arcade-style titles. Each game in the Metacade plans to have earning mechanics, which provide MCADE token rewards to players for beating levels and progressing through each title.

Furthermore, Metacade is setting up to become a vibrant community hub, with players being able to access the latest information about the blockchain gaming space. Metacade will display the hottest trends, the latest titles, and all the best tips and tricks for how to make the most out of the blockchain gaming experience.

How does the Metacade work?

Gamers will be able to play a vast selection of different P2E games and start earning MCADE tokens as soon as they get onto the platform. The Metacade will also offer competitive gamers the chance to test their skills against players from all over the world through its Compete2Earn feature.

Metacade is community-driven and aims to create a central location for all things GameFi. A key initiative to encourage community involvement is the innovative Create2Earn mechanism. This will reward users with MCADE tokens for contributing to the community in a number of ways, including sharing insights, posting game reviews, and interacting with other users.

The platform will also host a jobs board from 2024 onwards which will give crypto enthusiasts an access point for launching a career in Web3. As well as full-time work with Metacade partners, users can apply for gig work, freelance roles, and test out new games before they are officially launched.

Metacade: A key player, changing the game

GameFi has been a ground-breaking development for the entire gaming industry but, until now, blockchain gamers have lacked a central community hub. Metacade is offering a solution by building a comprehensive platform to appeal to gamers from all over the world, combining the fun of gaming, content production, and many crypto-earning opportunities for its community.

As well as this, Metacade will help fund the next generation of arcade games to be built on the platform. Game developers can submit investment proposals to the Metacade community, who will be given the power to decide which games make it onto the platform in the future. Winning investment proposals are to be provided with early-stage funding through the Metagrants program, helping drive innovation across the GameFi scene at large.

Is MCADE worth buying?

The MCADE crypto presale is a great opportunity to make a significant investment return. After 100 per cent of the tokens were sold out during the beta and first stages, Metacade is preparing itself for a highly successful (and possibly rapidly sold-out) presale.

For now, MCADE is valued at $0.012. This price will rise to $0.02 by the final stage of the crypto presale, so investors should be quick to add as many MCADE to their portfolio as possible before the price rises. Metacade’s crypto presale could turn out to be one of the highest performers for 2023 and could potentially produce DOGE-level returns in the coming years.

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.


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