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The most recent crypto crash happened on the 8th of November, 2022, utterly disrupting the crypto market and leaving every crypto crashing in price. Even cryptocurrencies that were doing hugely well, for example, Dogecoin (DOGE), was soaring up in the ranks after Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition up to 160% higher in price. Still, even this crashed down into the red.


The crash happened after the third-largest cryptocurrency exchange platform, FTX, collapsed and filed for bankruptcy. When this information, alongside the information that the world’s largest crypto exchange platform Binance was purchasing FTX, became public knowledge, chaos erupted in the crypto market. Investors were removing their funds from FTX as fast as they could, but there was a hold put on some funds. As world events affect all currencies, crypto is not immune. This event caused all cryptocurrencies to crash.


Cryptos like Solana (SOL) and Cronos (CRO) crashed hard and are yet to show signs of recovery. With most cryptos still severely damaged, investing in pre-sale Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is the way to avoid the crypto crash and still make big bucks.


Solana Flew Too Close to the Sun and Got Burned.

Founded in 2017, Solana is a blockchain network that focuses on decentralisation and hosting scalable applications. Compared to competing blockchains like Ethereum, Solana processes transactions substantially faster and charges significantly lower transaction fees. However, as this crypto crash is the second of the year, Solana was already facing the repercussions. By the 3rd of October 2022, it had already lost $11.71 billion in market cap.


The native currency of the blockchain is the SOL token. This token was hit hard by the crypto crash. Before it could recover from the previous damage, another crash occurred. The market cap went down by 4.49% alongside the volume, which has gone down by a massive 30.77%. This will take months to years to recover from, and alongside most others in the market, there are better investments than this one.


Cronos May Be On Its Way to Being Dethroned.

With DeFi, NFTs, and metaverse support, Cronos is the first blockchain network to interact with the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems. By enabling instantaneous app and cryptocurrency asset porting from other chains at cheap cost, high throughput, and quick finality, it intends to expand the Web3 user base dramatically. Powered by Ethermint, it also allows the fast exchange of apps and smart contracts from Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains.


Like Solana, Cronos was one of the hardest-hit cryptos during the crash. Its native currency, CRO, has depleted more since the crash and has now gone down a massive 63.41% in volume and 6.05% in market cap. There aren’t any indications that it will go back up in market cap, volume or price soon.


Pre-sale Crypto Big Eyes Coin Rising in Popularity

Big Eyes Coin is a meme coin in the sixth stage of its pre-sale and has raised $9.92 million, with this number set to increase substantially as the days go on. The BIG token is the coin’s native token. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain adding to the security of the token. Big Eyes Coin has already gained huge success exceeding expectations, and is set to continue this way even after launch.


With the market as it is now, Big Eyes Coin will probably decide to postpone its debut until it stabilises. Investing in anything currently on the market could result in substantial losses, but investing in Big Eyes Coin, that is, pre-sale is the better choice to steer clear of the uncertainty the market is displaying now.


Final Thoughts

FTX’s bankruptcy has negatively affected the entirety of the current crypto market, pushing cryptocurrencies like Cronos and Solana lower than ever. Investing in crypto as the market stands could lead the way to losses, which is why pre-sale cryptos are so important. Big Eyes Coin currently has a successful pre-sale that will allow people to continue to invest without the added market volatility.


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