Wednesday, February 8

  • The South Korea-based coffee house has announced the integration of Chainlink Price Feeds to deliver live price data on its NFT marketplace, HEYST.
  • Tom N Toms is confident that the integrated Chainlink Price Feeds will help provide remarkable features for its HEYST ecosystem.

The famous South Korean coffee brand Tom N Toms Coffee recently announced the integration of the Polygon-based Chainlink Price Feeds into its NFT marketplace, HEYST. The coffeehouse aims to provide customers with high-quality price data.

With the integration of Chainlink into its NFT marketplace, Tom N Toms Coffee will have access to the quality price data needed to measure the live price feeds on the HEYST platform. Accordingly, users can access price data on the marketplace with the added confidence that the value on HEYST is calculated in real-time.

However, the coffee maker noted that the initial Chainlink Price Feeds would consist of the following pairs: ETH/USD, KLAY/USD, SOL/USD, and KRW/USD. The firm chose Chainlink due to its exceptional infrastructure, seamless integration, and optimum production time.

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Per the announcement, the HEYST team chose Chainlink because it is one of the leading decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols that facilitate billions of dollars in smart contract transactions.

“Chainlink’s robust security framework and clock-round availability, even during an unexpected crash or data breach, is why it remains the best for our platform,” added Tom N Toms Coffee. The famous coffee house was established in 1999 to promote Korean coffee. Since then, it has grown to become the leading coffee brand in South Korea.

Tom N Toms Coffee currently has more than 400 branches spread in nine different countries around the globe. The company is expanding its market share by targeting local and overseas markets. The launch of its NFT marketplace, HEYST, will go live by mid-December.

Getting the best prices on HEYST

In a blog post detailing the features of the new NFT marketplace, Tom N Toms Coffee disclosed that for it to secure price listing on HEYST, it would require fresh prices for assets directly transferred to it from an on-chain platform. Accordingly, an oracle network became necessary to gather the daily aggregated price data on-chain and transfer it again to be analyzed and displayed by its application.

Tom N Toms is confident that the integrated Chainlink Price Feeds will help provide remarkable features for its HEYST ecosystem. Meanwhile, some of the critical features expected from the Polygon-based pricing platform include:

  • First-rate Data – the Chainlink Price Feeds will deliver this data after sourcing them from hundreds of exchanges, assessed and verified by the system.
  • Protected Node Operators – the pricing platform is secured by highly independent and security-reviewed node blockchain developers.
  • Decentralized system – the Chainlink protocol is decentralized from the start, with each unit checking against downtime and data tampering.
  • Transparent Network – Chainlink comes with a solid reputation system alongside on-chain evaluation tools allowing users to verify the real-time activities of node operators and the oracle system.

HEYST’s use of Chainlink will further boost the growing reputation of this blockchain.


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