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Here’s How Much $1,000 Invested in Ethereum (ETH) Would Be Worth If It Returns To Merge-Day High

Benzinga – (CRYPTO: ETH) — the second-largest coin by market cap — has fallen 67.85% since the year began. The coin’s decline is a part of a wider drop in the cryptocurrency market with the apex coin, , declining 65.2% in a similar period.

Even so, 2022 was a watershed year for the Vitalik Buterin co-created cryptocurrency. On Sept. 15 Ethereum “Merge” was successfully undertaken.

The Merge is a reference to the transfer of Ethereum’s network from a proof-of-work model to a proof-of-stake mechanism. It took place at a block height of 15537393.

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The Investment: On the day of the Merge, Ethereum hit a high of $1,648.95, whereas at the time of writing ETH traded at 1,212.85. If the second-largest coin regains its merge-day highs, here’s much an investor stands to gain.

ETH Current Price ETH Merge Day Price Difference Difference (%)
$1,212.85 $1,648.95 $436.1 35.96%

The investor stands to gain 35.96% from the current levels to the high seen on Merge day. This means the $1,000 would turn into $1,359.57.

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