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Whales have different intentions than ordinary investors. Whales have amassed large capital fortunes and seek to protect and grow their investments. And a whale targeting a nascent DeFi protocol represents an incredibly bullish signal. 

Uniglo’s enormous burn and the expected supply shock that will follow have drawn the attention of BNB, Big Eyes, and Shiba Inu whales. On-chain analysis shows whales allocating substantial liquidity to Uniglo, and this seems to be the beginning of a far more significant capital flow toward the asset-backed project.

Uniglo attracting massive amounts of capital with recent events in the crypto space remains unsurprising. Uniglo has created a viable long-term store of value by exposing investors to a unique blend of digital assets and imposing a hyper-aggressive burning model. One significant attraction of the protocol is its broad diversification with the assets that value-back GLO, including real estate, gold, and fine art. Thanks to asset tokenization, the protocol stores physical goods in NFT format. These assets are typically less affected by market performance, and Uniglo enables less capitalized investors to access these high-end value stores. 

But why have whales been targeting Uniglo? Whales operate in information asymmetry: they have amassed great fortunes because they understand markets better. Uniglo’s extensive burn has excited these seasoned investors, who know how much upward pressure this will put on GLO’s price. Media outlets like Business2Community have caught wind of this undervalued project and listed it as one of 2022’s most explosive projects. Nobody knows how high Uniglo will climb, but the coming months promise to be electrifying for Uniglo investors.


BNB has made it into the headlines recently, or more specifically, Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, has made it into the news. The open scuffle between him and Sam Bankman-Fried escalated, and he pointed out a solvency issue that led to the collapse of FTX. BNB whales were unphased, and many loaded up on BNB in 2017 when it sold for $0.15 per token. These whales have a keen eye for future growth, and their targeting of Uniglo speaks volumes about the protocol’s potential. 

Big Eyes 

Big Eyes whales have been offloading profits and channeling them into Uniglo’s presale. Likely that the recent market events have made these whales far more cautious, and they want to invest their money in a safer protocol. Big Eyes is a meme token and a project that will be disproportionately affected by the market slump due to its speculative nature and reliance on crypto influencers. 

Shiba Inu 

Shiba Inu holders, sometimes known as the Shib Army, have all witnessed the power of token burns. The burning of 41% of SHIB’s total supply massively helped this token’s price. Whales in the protocol know Uniglo’s burn will be more extensive and continual, and the resulting supply shock may well send it parabolic. Smaller SHIB holders continue to earn on ShibaSwap throughout this turmoil, but EtherScan shows huge transactions by whales into Uniglo’s presale. 

Closing Thoughts 

Uniglo has attracted attention from across the ecosystem. With the high level of volatility in the market, the potential for this store of value to absorb massive amounts of liquidity grows. Currently criminally undervalued and likely to be one of the best performers of 2022, Uniglo represents one of the true and increasingly rare DeFi gems.

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