by Market Trends July 26, 2022

Key Points

  • The disruptive Bitgert ecosystem has contributed to the price increase for Bitgert over Safemoon
  • USDT/USDC bridge adoption makes Bitgert price do better the Safemoon
  • The decentralized market price will skyrocket Bitgert price than Safemoon

Buying Bitgert today might be one of the best things a Safemoon holder might do. Evidently, the performance of Safemoon in the crypto market has not been as appealing as what most Safemoon investors would have expected. SFM has been plummeting.

This is why Bitgert (BRISE) has quickly become one of the options for Safemoon holders, with the intention of salvaging the losses made from Safemoon SFM. Bitgert is higher above Safemoon in many ways, which is why its demand and price keep growing in favour of investors. This is why Safemoon holders should buy more Bitgert:

Strong and Expansive Bitgert Ecosystem

Bitgert has proven to be a strong-growing cryptocurrency, with one of the most expansive ecosystems. The Bitgert ecosystem today has some of the most exclusive products that Safemoon is yet to introduce. Unlike Safemoon, BRISE has already completed roadmap V1 delivery and is now working on delivering Bitgert roadmap V2.

The disruptive Brise products keep skyrocketing the price for Bitgert, with the likelihood of an exponential explosion of 1000% in the next 30 days. This is why Safemoon investors should take advantage and salvage their Safemoon losses by buying Bitgert.


The Bitgert chain Utility got a major boost following the introduction of the USDT/USDC bridge. It is now possible to swap $USDT and $USDC from other chains supported by BRC20 to the Bitgert chain. The Stablecoin bridge adoption is currently skyrocketing. This means Safemoon holders buying Bitgert are making good profits.

Bitgert Decentralized Marketplace

The introduction of the Bitgert decentralized marketplace comes as another development that will increase the demand for Bitgert above Safemoon. This is definitely the right time for Safemoon holders to release their Safemoon holdings to buy BRISE, considering that there will be more returns to make from Bitgert than Safemoon.

With the ability to buy products such as electronics and real estate among Bitgert users, BRISE will grow exponentially, hence a perfect match for Safemoon holders.

Bitgert-Centcex Collaboration

Safemoon holders can buy more BRISE now that collaboration between Centcex and Bitgert is already in place. The merger is set to grow the Bitgert ecosystem, even more, hence a core point of interest for Safemoon holders. These are ways Safemoon holders recover losses with $BRISE.

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