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NEW YORK, Nov. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On Wednesday, November 30th, 2022, CULT&RAIN will launch a radical Metaverse shopping experience inside CULTR WORLD and a new e-commerce platform at

CULT&RAIN is dropping a new CORE COLLECTION of 250 limited edition physical sneakers based on the most popular styles from their GENESIS collection. For the first time, customers will be able to order TITAN in colorway black & white (priced at USD $1195), VEGA in colorway all black (priced at USD $995) and ATLAS in colorway all white (priced at USD $1095). Every sneaker will ship with CULT&RAIN’s radical HEX BOX packaging – see images attached. All GENESIS & DROP001 NFT collection holders will exclusively receive 25% off their first sneaker purchase, as part of their utility for being an early collector of CULT&RAIN.

“We’ve had hundreds of requests for our GENESIS collection, and I’m thrilled to finally offer the public our luxurious CORE collection, made in Italy at one of the best sneaker factories in the world, who also produces for top luxury fashion houses within the preeminent luxury conglomerates.”

CULT&RAIN is a luxury-infused fashion brand born from Web3. Following the successful launch of their CULTR WORLD experience in July 2022, the brand forges into the future by creating a first-of-its-kind Metaverse shopping experience, where customers can purchase physical goods & digital collections inside CULTR SHOP, a dedicated area within their CULTR WORLD metaverse.

CULTR WORLD is a web browser & mobile-first based Metaverse experience, which is simple and easy to access. Users enter CULTR WORLD via a direct link inside, select a uniquely designed avatar and can enter CULTR SHOP. Inside the virtual store, users can purchase CORE COLLECTION ‘physical’ sneakers and NFTs from CULT&RAIN’s GENESIS and DROP 001 collections.
CULT&RAIN customers will be one of the very first ever to purchase physical goods &, most importantly, check out from inside CULTR SHOP. This radical, intuitive experience demonstrates CULT&RAIN’s incredible innovation pipeline.

“We believe the future of shopping lies within social & Metaverse commerce. For our seasoned collectors and curious Web3 users, the CULTR SHOP experience provides a radical yet intuitive shopping UX. We are pushing boundaries of a virtual social shopping experience, yet very easy to use & transact,” says George Yang, founder of CULT&RAIN.

In addition to the sneakers, collectors can purchase additional GENESIS and DROP 001 NFT’s from the OpenSea marketplace inside CULTR SHOP. For those who prefer a more traditional shopping experience, CULT&RAIN is also launching a conventional e-commerce platform for users to purchase the CORE COLLECTION. This modern, clean, and intuitive experience will allow users to transact seamlessly on

To celebrate the launch, CULT&RAIN will host a Metaverse party inside CULTR WORLD with all their collaborative partners & communities to celebrate receiving the physical sneakers from GENESIS and the Varsity Jackets from DROP 001. The party will feature a live DJ set from Meta true born musician and 3D avatar TEFLON SEGA (@teflonsega) streaming into CULTR WORLD for the first time. Teflon Sega is signed to EMPIRE Records and has amassed 19m plays on Spotify and 15m plays on YouTube.

During the event, CULT&RAIN will airdrop attendees a radical CULTR avatar skin by claiming a POAP, compatible with DECENTRALAND, as well as a site upgrade to be compatible with a VR experience and READY PLAYER ME avatars, to further enhance the experience.


The first luxury fashion brand born from the crypto universe, merging radical NFTs with exclusive physical redeemables. Join our Web3 revolution. Our founder, George Yang is an accomplished fashion creative director with over 20 years of experience across New York, Milan, and Paris; leading international design studios within the luxury & premium fashion industry. He has designed for renowned fashion houses around the globe including Theory, Costume National, Guy Laroche, and Cerruti Paris.

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