The coin market is constantly evolving, with new tokens introduced nearly daily. However, only a few of them manage to make the necessary impact. This piece will reveal the crypto tokens that are set to explode the crypto space – Fantom (FTM), Compound (COMP), and Big Eyes (BIG)

Fantom (FTM)

Fantom is one of the most interesting projects that you will come across in the coin market. Because it was designed to be a direct competitor to Ethereum, it was clear from the onset that this coin had plenty of potentials. When it was released, Fantom was touted as a fast, scalable platform that could support decentralized applications with smart contracts. Fantom was designed to focus on the DeFi world because its developers wanted to create a blockchain similar to Ethereum but could offer more. Ethereum’s blockchain was designed to rely on a proof-of-stake mechanism. Through this mechanism, developers could maintain the efficiency of operations between the blockchain. 

Fantom can usually function effectively because an Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant network supports its proof-of-stake system. This network will maintain the platform’s security and ensure everything runs smoothly. Another impressive thing to note about Fantom is that this blockchain is an open-source project. As a result, users and developers can use its code for their purposes. They can also make important changes to the blockchain. You’ll also be thrilled to know that Fantom operates on a leaderless system. This means transactions don’t have to pass through any particular channel to validate.

Compound (COMP)

The creation of cryptocurrencies gave birth to decentralized protocols. While these DeFi protocols have numerous advantages, one often overlooked is the use of DeFi for banking services. With the release of projects like Compound Finance, the coin market has witnessed the use of blockchain technology for bank-related services. Cryptocurrencies serve as decentralized money. There’s no better way to create a decentralized system than to focus on a blockchain that will enable the transfer of tokens freely without having to deal with any intermediaries. Compound is a blockchain that supports the borrowing and lending of digital assets. In simple terms, Compound allows users to borrow and lend crypto resources to the network. 

COMP is the native token of this blockchain system, and it’s used actively in the decision-making process to introduce new policy updates and measures. Users are encouraged to lock their digital assets on the platform, while others may attempt to borrow these locked tokens. It functions similarly to a decentralized bank with no particular control system. There’s no preset interest rate when using Compound Finance. The forces of demand and supply set the interest rate. 

Big Eyes (BIG)

Big Eyes is relatively different from the other cryptocurrencies on this platform because it doesn’t focus on decentralized applications or finance. Instead, it’s a meme coin with an impressive utility. It represents a step up in the quality of crypto tokens recently introduced to the meme sector. Big Eyes is one of the newest meme coins introduced in the coin market, and it has managed to make a name for itself by adopting a different approach to what we’re used to. 

The first interesting thing to note about Big Eyes is that its development team has developed an impressive utility. They plan to develop a cryptocurrency that relies on the latest token ad NFT standards to create a great ecosystem. The developers of this token plan to create support NFTs that will make it to the largest marketplaces and command thousands of dollars worth of value. They have come up with a clear roadmap on how they plan to achieve their goals, and by 2030 Big Eyes is expected to be one of the largest coins in the crypto space. 

Furthermore, there’s a limited supply of crypto tokens – 200 billion BIG tokens. 90% of this total supply will be released to users during its launch. If you want to get into this project early, you can participate in its presale. 

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