Sunday, December 3

  • The Cardano network has a total of 357 active GitHub developers, higher than any other blockchain network.
  • Solana sees a considerable drop in developer activity over the last few months hinting at developers leaving the network.

Several blockchain networks have been competing against each other when it comes to development activity. As per the latest development, the Cardano blockchain has overtaken giants like Ethereum, Polkadot, and Solana with the largest development activity.

Out of the total 3221 active contributors across blockchain, Cardano developers take the lead with 357 active GitHub contributors.

As we know the Cardano blockchain network is gearing up for the Vasil hardfork scheduled ahead this month on September 22. Thus, to prepare for the upcoming hard fork, several dApps, exchanges, and SPOs shall continue to upgrade their systems in order to ensure compatibility.

Last week, the Plutus team, looking after Cardano smart contracts, worked to add the support feature for multiple language versions “as well as on testing and documentation improvements”.

Similarly, the Hydra team created the Hydra tools in order to improve the user experience of running the Hydra nodes. The announcement notes that the Hydra team “also completed a significant refactoring of the ‘Direct’ chain layer, which makes it easier to maintain the node and prepare for adding persistence to the hydra-node”.

Last week, Cardano CEO Charles Hoskinson stated that the Vasil upgrade will dramatically improve the network performance. “The new features dramatically improve many different DApps and enable new DApps like Djed to be deployed on Cardano,” he said. As per the recent survey, Cardano is also way ahead of other players like Polkadot and Avalanche on different comparable metrics.

Cardano vs other blockchain networks

While Ethereum still seems to be at the second spot, Solana has dropped multiple positions to the south. Solana was once at the top position in developers’ activity by the end of April 2022. However, in just a matter of four months, it dropped to the ninth position. Also, the GitHub developers chart shows a considerable drop in the developers’ activity. The below chart also shows that Solana developers could be leaving the platform.

While some old blockchains have been losing ground, there are new players moving to the top spots. Some of the blockchain networks that are moving up the ladder in terms of developers’ activity include:

  1. Filecoin (FIL): This decentralized storage platform is showing good improvement in terms of active developers since the beginning of the year. Filecoin aims to democratize the cloud-based file storage and sharing solutions taking control away from the hands of big corporations.
  2. Status (SNT): Status is a crypto wallet, secure messaging app, and Web 3 browser built with state-of-the-art technology. As we can see in the above chart, Status ranks sixth in terms of developers’ activity above key players like Cosmos, Decentraland, and Solana, as per data from Contora.


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