Wednesday, February 8

According to GitHub data, Cardano ranks among the top three chains in terms of daily development activity.

Reports from Cardano Updates, a Twitter account tasked with the responsibility of delivering real-time updates on Cardano releases and daily development reports, corroborate this.

On Monday, 555 commits were pushed across 64 GitHub repositories by 110 authors. There were 923,792 additions and 258,667 deletions. The JavaScript SDK for interacting with Cardano, which provides various key management options and support for popular hardware wallets, saw 53 commits.

Marlowe-Cardano, an implementation of Marlowe for the Cardano blockchain built on top of Plutus, also saw 53 commits. Marlowe refers to financial smart contracts on Cardano.

The Cardano node saw 31 commits. As reported by U.Today, the Cardano node version, 1.35.4, was recently released and continues to gain traction with SPOs migrating to it.

Hydra, the Layer 2 scaling solution on Cardano, received 28 commits. According to IOG’s most recent weekly report, Hydra, received fresh updates in the new prerelease version, “Hydra 0.8.1.”

The new release included several fixes and an extension of the persistence (introduced in version 0.8.0) of replaying server outputs.

In late October, as reported by U.Today, Hydra v.0.8.0 was launched, which features several changes to the API and also fixes bugs in the Hydra node. Lastly, the ouroboros network received 25 Github commits.

1,146 projects building on Cardano

According to the latest statistics provided by IOG, 1,146 projects are in various stages of development on the Cardano blockchain.

So far, 106 projects have been launched. The number of Plutus scripts is 3,759, while native tokens have surpassed the 7 million mark and are currently 7,089,828, according to the data.


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