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The new meme token that has recently gained popularity is Rocketize Token (JATO). The creators of this network want their users to receive enormous benefits. Rocketize Token seeks to revolutionize the meme coin subgenre of cryptocurrencies. How will it function as a deflationary token? It will let holders receive half of the tax fee assessed on each transaction and burn the other half. As the number drops, the token’s value will rise in the process, which is great news for its users and should encourage more people to join in the journey.

According to the new platform, the open-source community is empowered. It has no developer wallets and gives back more to the community than it receives. It anticipates that its customers would utilize novel incentive structures in decentralized finance and DAOs (Dec network is also developing inter-blockchain bridges to link other platforms.

Guide to Buying the JATO Token

The maximum supply of JATO is one trillion, of which 30% is presently accessible in presale. The currency is now in stage two of its presale, intending to raise $200K; it has already raised more than $75K. JATO is now priced at 118,399.24 tokens per USDT. To purchase the token, visit its presale website and link your crypto wallet. To purchase JATO coins, you can only use USDT, BNB, or ETH. After the presale, you will be able to obtain your bought coins.

Chainlink (LINK) connects decentralized data networks and off-chain APIs

Using off-chain data sources and putting them on the blockchain for smart contracts, Chainlink (LINK) is an oracle network. The network gives dApps access to real-time data. In other words, Chainlink offers information on the pricing of commodities, weather, sports, and other items. LINK is one of the leading companies in the data processing industry and has a wide network of reliable partners. Chainlink has drawn many data providers due to the consolidation of off-chain data.

The platform is used by data suppliers to make money from their data. Chainlink enables users to run nodes and make money. Leading DeFi apps like Synthetix, Compound, and many more safeguard billions of dollars in value thanks to a wide variety of decentralized Price Feed oracle networks powered by these node operators.

To conclude, Rocketize Token (JATO) is a meme currency with a lot of promise that is about to burst. It also provides a slew of perks to consumers during the purchasing process. The third presale round offers 4% more tokens for purchases. If you refer a friend who spends $100 on tokens, both of you will receive $40 in free JATO. Similarly, purchasing JATO using ETH will result in an 8% bonus. All of these amazing benefits and features of Rocketize Tokens (JATO) could see it surpass Chainlink (LINK) in terms of popularity and users when it explodes on the market.

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