Tuesday, October 3

Covering the events coming up in the next week for the BSC News NFT.

BSC News NFT Week of Events

After a successful mint on September 14, the BSC News NFT has a lot in store for holders this upcoming week.

Along with daily podcasts, partner utility informative posts, and other community-based events, BSC News NFT has two extra-important events happening this week – an airdrop campaign and a special promotion with ZiggyVerse.

Below is information regarding these upcoming events and promotions.

ZiggyVerse Mint-for-Mint Promotion

In an immediate demonstration of the BNB Chain ecosystem utility offered to holders, BSC News NFT will be holding a “mint-for-mint” promotion with Ziggyverse on September 20 at 2:00 PM UTC. During the promotion, the first 20 BSC News NFT minters will receive a Genesis Ziggy NFT, while the first 20 Ziggy minters will receive a BSC News NFT.

This promotion will encourage users to engage with the BNB Chain NFT ecosystem, helping to boost NFTs further on the chain.

Airdrop/Raffle Claim Campaign

Along with the ZiggyVerse promotion, BSC News NFT is also beginning its initial utility push for holders with an airdrop/raffle claim campaign. BSC News NFT partners DG Pals, TEN Finance, and ApeSwap are providing utility for the initial airdrop campaign. Each project is providing unique utility for the campaign, with more details below:

DG Pals: As part of a series of airdrops, DG Pals will be sending roughly $140 USD worth of DG Pals assets per BSC News NFT held. Holders of multiple BSC News NFTs can receive the rewards for each NFT held.

ApeSwap: Airdropping five NFBs (floor price of $12) and one NFA (floor price of $400) randomly to BSC News NFT holders.

TEN Finance: Airdropping a total of $1,000 split evenly between all unique wallet addresses holding a BSC News NFT.

Whitelist Opportunities

Along with the airdrops and mint-for-mint promotion with ZiggyVerse, holders can also gain whitelist spots for Lights Out and Epic Battle Arena. More information will be revealed in the near future – stay tuned to the BSC News NFT socials to learn more about these opportunities!

If you’re interested in minting a BSC News NFT, head on over to Rareboard and mint up your own for just 0.4 BNB, or visit NFT Key to snatch one up on the secondary market! If you want to learn more about the BSC News NFT and the extreme utility it offers, check out the official BSC News NFT Twitter, Discord server, and website.


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