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by Market Trends September 30, 2022

As we end the month of September, crypto markets outlooks are already showing the potential to do well next month. In the last few months of 2022, Bitgert (BRISE) has come out as one of the most promising coins in the market.

The price predictions also show that Bitgert might do better next month than more of the big coins, including Polkadot, BNB Coin, and many others. Already, Bitgert has posted better price growth than Polkadot and Binance coin over the last few months.

Bitgert actually surpassed Polkadot price performance in the last few months. Just looking at the Bitgert performance this year shows that the coin has done quite well and is also in the green. $BRISE had actually increased by 85% in 2022 as of writing.

During the same period, the Polkadot price had declined 77%. Despite BRISE coin faltering this month, it has surpassed Polkadot price performance, as well as BNB Coin, in terms of price growth. However, BNB Coin looks bullish and might surpass $300 next month.


How Bitgert has outperformed Polkadot and BNB Coins

From the Coinmarketcap data at this writing, BNB COIN had declined by 45% in 2022. BRISE coin has done better than Polkadot and Binance coin because of its disruptive developments. The Bitgert ecosystem delivery is one of the biggest factors that have grown Bitgert bigger than Polkadot and BNB Coin.

The adoption of Bitgert products like the zero gas fee BRC20 blockchain and the hype created by the roadmap V2 and the 1000+ partnerships are reasons BRISE has surpassed Polkadot and BNB Coin price performance.


Bitgert Zero Gas Fee Blockchain Impact

The launch of the Bitgert zero gas fee blockchain skyrocketed Bitgert price to the current ATH. The massive adoption of the Bitgert chain for the last few months has been the biggest driver of a bullish Bitgert in 2022. The Brise chain adoption is expected to get even better after its nodes are upgraded.


Why Bitgert roadmap V2 Is Still Crucial

The Brise roadmap V2 is attracting a lot of attention from even Polkadot and BNB Coin holders because of the disruptive products it is delivering. You can check out these roadmap V2 products here. They will skyrocket Bitgert coin adoption bigger than Polkadot and Binance coin upon launching.


Centcex (CENX) – A Bonus Coin To Check

If you are still looking for another coin to add to your Bitgert, Polkadot, and BNB Coin portfolio, then Centcex would be an ideal coin. The Centcex explosive price growth and the disruptive developments coming makes CENX an ideal coin. So, Centcex is a coin to watch.

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