Friday, December 9

The crypto market has been turbulent the past week, plummeting by hundreds of millions of dollars to its current state of $847.39 billion at the time of writing. While newcomers to the crypto market may be shocked at this turn of events, seasoned investors know the trials and tribulations of placing money in the crypto market.

Cardano (ADA) and BNB (BNB) have provided successful platforms for their users in the past, hosting an array of services that allow their users to access multiple sectors of the blockchain industry. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is rampaging through its presale stages, raising $9.87 million at the time of writing. The new meme token has launched its New York Times Square advertisement, showing the platform to a wave of new potential users.

Big Eyes on the prize

Big Eyes Coin has started its journey in the crypto market with a bang. The meme token has garnered a lot of attention for its cute mascot that deviates from the routine dog-themed meme tokens. Instead, Big Eyes Coin has adopted a cute Anime cat as its mascot, which appeals to the growing population of Manga/Anime consumers around the globe.

Big Eyes Coin targets a crucial issue in our society, threats to marine life. Marine life is pivotal for the survival of our species, and Big Eyes Coin prioritises its safety. The meme token has created a charity wallet holding 5% of BIG tokens, with promises to make regular donations to ocean sanctuaries.

News of Big Eyes Coin’s philanthropic work could reach millions of potential community members. The New York Times Square advertisement could give Big Eyes Coin the boost it needs to compete with Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inui (SHIB) at the top of the meme coin market.

Want to find out more about Big Eyes Coin? Watch the video below!

Cardano maintains negative trend

Although Cardano provides a platform for environmentally conscious crypto enthusiasts, the platform is still subject to extreme volatility like the rest of the crypto market. Cardano has declined by 11.95% in seven days at the time of writing, showcasing how volatile the crypto market can be.

Cardano utilises a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm to remain environmentally friendly. PoS requires less energy to run, allowing PoS platforms to remain environmentally conscious while performing at a high level.

Cardano has also shown its commitment to sustainability by teaming up with Veritree to plant one million trees around the globe. Deforestation is plaguing our environment, and Cardano is showing how cryptocurrencies can use blockchain technology for the betterment of the world.

Can BNB make a comeback?

Like Cardano, BNB has also seen a negative trend in the past seven days. The crypto giant has declined by 15.16%, taking its market capitalisation to $44 billion. Although the market capitalisation of BNB is declining, the platform still offers outstanding services for its users.

BNB is a platform for everything in the crypto market. The crypto giant offers a DEX, CEX, an NFT marketplace, a charity, educational resources, and more! BNB also offers the opportunity for users to learn and earn, giving free crypto to those who educate themselves on blockchain technology.

So, can BNB make a comeback? All signs point to yes. As previously mentioned, the crypto market is volatile, and cryptocurrencies can explode as fast as they plummet. While the current trend for BNB is negative, a price rally could be on the horizon for the crypto giant shortly.

Final Thoughts

BNB and Cardano have shown their worth in the crypto market, providing platforms that propagate growth for the crypto market and user portfolios. Although they are experiencing a downward trend, their potential to rise in the future is high.

Big Eyes Coin is also a platform to watch. The meme token is garnering a lot of attention as it looks to shift wealth into the DeFi ecosystem. To obtain 5% bonus tokens with your purchase, use the ‘BIGE288’ code at the checkout!

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